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Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.


I Am A Fighter!

I'd have never made it this far along,
Without actually being quite strong,
Yes, I'm a fighter, there is no doubt,
Accepting this is what it's all about.

I can be very fierce, but also fragile,
Discerning this is part of my battle,
So with myself I will still be gentle,
Because life at times will test my mettle.

I know...
I chose this difficult life with resolve,
So that I could at long last truly evolve,
Back into the person that I misplaced,
So many lives ago, in time and space.

Thus I do give Thanks to that Higher Part of Me,
That Source from within my Soul's divine mystery.
~Lyne's Creations                           

Working quite a while on this poem,
Has helped me to hammer it home.
I seem to listen to my own tomes!  :)



You said you didn't want to be like all those other men,
In truth, you turned out to be much worse than them.
With them it truly was: "what I saw is what I got"
So you changing your colors was a terrible shock.

I do deserve to be loved like you did for a while,
But by someone who knows themselves quite well.
I may someday be able to forgive your innocence,
Nevertheless you knew my history going into this!

What makes this situation so seriously sorrowful,
You simply did not know you were being untruthful,
But the one aspect that makes me completely crazy,
I thought you able to grow with your type personality.

But you ran smack into a roadblock in your head,
and loudly proclaimed; "I just can't do this!" instead.
So I had to withdraw with my heart angry and broken,
Yet I still understand why you were feeling so rotten.

However understanding doesn't make it alright,
I did nothing to deserve this deplorable plight.
So but for a weak moment every now and then,
I prefer that you not ever cross my path again.
~Lyne's Creations                        

(maybe this poem should be called "Live & Learn"...
it seems to be my latest stage...because now when I think
of him, I just feel ill...and I'd rather feel angrily strong!)


Who Am I?

My whole life I've searched for my identity.
Because I was born with no sense of "me".
I think many people have the same issue,
As they look for themselves in me and you.

We can't find ourselves looking outward,
The solution comes from peering inward,
Deep within each of our individual souls,
Reside ALL the answers, all of our goals.

How do we feel, and interact with the world,
What talents we have, what jobs do we hold,
What do we enjoy, and what do we share,
How we act toward others, how do we care.

All the puzzle pieces are there to be found,
If we take a moment, and sit quietly down,
All by ourselves to give it some deep thought,

We may find the answers we've always sought.
~Lyne's Creations                   


(in the middle of illness and depression, I was able
to come up with this gift for my mailman! This was
a bit of a surprise to me, but show's my true heart.)

To My Mailman,

Thank you for your diligent service all the year long,
I know it's hard work, things sometimes go wrong,
But you're appreciated for the joy you bring to me,
Even though I'm a person you probably never see.

At least here in So. Calif, there is no sleet or snow,
Still, I know it's difficult when windy rain starts to blow,
and your overloaded route feels it's becoming a battle,
Perhaps this appreciation can warm your day just a little, 

Remember too, to keep in mind, that a truly thinking person,
Knows it is the ones "at the top" making the system rotten,
They raise the postage rates, and slow delivery dates,
Leaving you "out in front" to face the sometimes irate.

So I hope the reality of the happy silent majority,
That I have tried to convey with my bit of poetry,
Makes your days brighter and filled with cheer,
As you work each day in the coming new year!

Best Wishes!
Lyne M.


Accepting Depression

I have lived all my life with depression,
So this is not merely just my regression,
It's my natural state that I must accept,
Drugs do not help, much to my regret.

It was love that brought me out of myself,
Pulled from depression to somebody else.
Now no matter how much I may appear strong,
Most of my hopes and dreams for love are gone.

I was melancholy with loneliness before,
but the truth is now all this seems "more".
Now it's nearly greater than I can even bare,
this dark hole left from when he was there.

Every day, my depression I try to defy,
But in truth, with love I flew too high,
So from such heights, I crashed down,
To such deep depths that I have found,

The struggle much worse than before,
I do so regret that I opened that door.
I have to work out a new way to exist,
But I am so tired, it is hard to persist.
~Lyne's Creations                        

(I know, it's all up to me, it's a matter of how
I perceive my life, but those with depression
understand. I know I am capable of being
happy, but for a shy extrovert, it's very hard!
It took an extraordinary love to pull me that far
"up". On my own it's very difficult.)


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