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Copyright Lyne's Creations October 2012, All Rights Reserved
You may NOT take copies of these poems for any reason.

Note: I often come back, re-read and even edit my poems. They, like me,
are a work in progress. I may change a word here and there or I may add
a whole stanza!  Some have art, and some will get illustrated later on.

Unfortunately my current poems are from being so sick this fall. I have
gotten ill twice so far, damn it!


I Got's the Flu!
(art here)

I feel every bit of my age and more,
This flu has got me down on the floor,
The little girl in me is really quite angry,
Shaking fists at germ bugs flying free!

Even with all I try to do to prevent this,
My body gave into this nasty bad virus,
So I will take gentle care until it's done,
Then I can get back to my normal "fun".

The flu is like hitting your thumb with a hammer,
When it is gone, my regular fibro feels "better"!


The Hell of Being Sick
(art here)

Everything I must do to help myself get well,
Helps, yet hurts, so my suffering I can't quell.
This is why my becoming sick is a pure hell,
I'm angry that in illness I am forced to dwell.

A nebulizer clears my lungs so that I can breath,
But gives a headache and I shake with unease.
Goldenseal is an anti-viral, an antihistamine,
Yet creates hot flashes, along with IBS pain.

Further I must drink so many glasses of water,
That this also creates more IBS tummy torture.
I can't discern what is the syndrome or the virus,
But living through this is life's horrid unkindness!

Pain pills are an automatic cough suppressant,
So they semi-defeat the effects of expectorants,
Thus it's back to more water and my nebulizer,
I struggle so hard to find the magic equalizer.

It's one day at a time, as I continue my fight,
Praying and hoping that I am doing it right,
Because traveling to the office of my doctor,
Being near more illness is a serious factor!

I've found just one pain free relief, it does seem,
When life is this hard I do a really peculiar thing,
I seem to generate happy sweet loving dreams.

Last night I was held in a cuddle, but on a ledge,
So even in good dreams I am on the very edge.
Thus I am always in this sort of survival mode,
As I journey along my life's very difficult road.

For a short while, "true love" gave me such an assist,
Then that was removed so only survival mode persists.
Constant pain leaves my feelings raw and revealing,
All I can do is wait and wait and long for my healing.
And no matter how silly that it may seem,
SLEEP more in hopes of love in a dream!


Depression deepens and I feel so all wrong,
Even though people tell me that I am strong.
The problem is how I'm perceiving my feelings,
That is messing me up and sending me reeling.

Instead of seeing my great need for escape,
As something wrong, a bad habit to break,
I need to allow that it is okay to obsess,
Watch a lot of TV in order to rest best!

It's better to admit I am having a rough time,
Taking care of this complicated body of mine,
Its OK just to stay present and enjoy my DVDs,
Where it's fine to get lost, feel a little more free!

I am very critical of myself, and that's so unkind,
Repeating my Mom's actions within my own mind.
Focusing on my fears, destroying feelings of calm,
Just adds to all the pains I already have going on.

Yes winter is hard for me with it's cold isolation,
As it brings me additional pain and depression,
So this is the time it's okay to curl up and retreat,
Do the best I can and consider each day complete.


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