Vicki as the Fantasy Swashbuckler
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pirateladyblue.jpg (77166 bytes)

pirateladyred.jpg (135488 bytes)

I just love Rena's Swashbuckler outfit for Vicki!
If I had not become an animal artist, on thing I
always wanted to do was design clothing!  I just
drool over the wonderful fantasy clothing that
Eric VanDycke and Steve Shanks create, and is
then topped off with Rena's amazing texturing!
I rendered these in poser just to study & enjoy
the clothing and maps... added a background in
photoshop.  The top figure sits on a basic Poser
prop cylinder.  My red macaw model sits on the
Red Pirate lady's shoulder. Swashbuckler is
available at DAZ.

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