Pelican Lake
Copyright Lyne's Creations June 2002   All Rights Reserved

brycepelicans2.jpg (92133 bytes)

Using my new White Pelican model, I created an image inspired by
the White Pelicans we had recently seen at one of our own local lakes!
This Bryce scene is lit with Bryce moonlight instead of sunlight! I was
frustrated with the lighting, and accidentally hit on the moonlight -with
a few adjustments, and two extra lights it looked like a very soft sunlit
day to me! The fish in the pelican's pouch is a bluegill from PlanIT 3D
with much thanks!  I did a mask render of the main pelican, to allow me
to make a copy of it on another layer in photoshop, so I could brush out
it's crest and feathers a bit. I added some water droplets to my painted
splashes with Eye Candy.