A Peaceful Evening
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Lully's Bedouin Tent (HW) with parrotdolphin's materials with it's cushions,
 table and light hanging inside. I added the teapot and cups. It was this tent
that inspired this whole idea/scene. (I "lit" the lamp via post work) Poser lights
(Fabi's Warm&Soul always) cast the wonderful shadows on the tent for me!


Inside the tent lives Dusk as "Nataani", wearing his Bedouin clothing-
(an upcoming outfit from Glitterati!)  I did leave off her boots, to
replace them with sandals appropriate to the Bedouin life. I used
Dawn's fringe sandals, which did conform to Dusk!

HiveWire horse with the Arabian breed by CWRW
Adding the mane & tail from CWRW's 2D Mane & Tail sets (HW)
The Arabian laying down pose is from CWRW's "foal poses" (HW)!

Ken Gilliland's female Blacknecked Agama lizard from  Lizards Volume 2
and his Common Kestrel wearing the Falconry Gear hood and jesses.

I used the Dryland Oasis by ShaaraMuse3D,  WhimsySmiles (Rendo)
for sandy ground and palms.  I really like those palm trees!

Sky/hills background is from The Outer Rim 2 February 2007 by didi_mc

Ron's Bird Brushes for the far off circling raptors. (DAZ)

Noggin's Butterflies (the black swallowtail that can be found in the Sudan)

 Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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