The Parrot Lady
Copyright Lyne's Creations December 2001  All Rights Reserved

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More challenges with lighting and trans maps in Bryce 4! The wire
bird cage - with bars made of trans maps was easy compared to
getting a dressed Vicky mapped properly in Bryce!! I had to fake
the hair in parts, being unable to get the multiple trans maps to go
on properly.  Scene constructed inside a box, in Bryce, with the
camera and three lights. I created the framed picture on the wall
with a poser render, and photoshop effects. It is a 2D image.
The African Gray and Green Amazons are my latest poser parrots.
Thanks go to Tony for the "hall table" - a Bryce object. The dog is
my rottweiler morph and map, found at PlanIT3, in the Morphs
section. While I very much enjoyed this challenge and learning
experience, I think I shall return to the outdoors where I am more
comfortable! :)  No post but for the hair problem, and punching up
the contrast a bit for richer colors and better 3D effect.