PARROT Morpph for the Zygote Eagle
by Lyne's Creations

Scroll down to see post render parrots!

myparrotbefore.jpg (43611 bytes)
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planit3d180.jpg (17127 bytes)
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Rendered with no touch up, right out of Poser. I modified the Eagle
map in Photoshop.  To see what is possible, scroll down!
myparrotfly.jpg (33201 bytes)
I used my "fur technique" in Photoshop to brush out his feathers!
I used my "raven leg" morphs to try and scale down the eagle legs.
I cannot get the legs quite as short as they should be... but after all,
it is morphed from a huge bald eagle! Grin!
To see the finished head, scroll down again....
myparrothead.jpg (24706 bytes)
I am not a "bird person" in particular, but I am happy with this
set of morphs. 

     Available at:
planit3d180.jpg (17127 bytes)
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