Parking Lot Picnic
Lyne's Creations March 2002  All Rights Reserved
parkinglotpicnic2.jpg (110545 bytes)

I had always dreamed of creating what I see in our southern Calif.
parking lots!  I finally had enough of the very birds that are the most
commonly seen: Seagulls, Crows, Blackbirds and of course ground
squirrels! :)  This is a Bryce 4 render and I am very proud of the asphalt
texture I made up (better seen in the pull back view below) out of a
Bryce preset - "office building" with a different bump added! I am not
quite sure how I did it..... I just start playing around in the materials
editor... and.. ! :)  I used Bryce's great "mask render" to create a
selection cut out for the grass, gull and the ground squirrel, so that
I could do post render on each on it's own layer in photoshop. The
grass is my good old formula: add noise, motion blur up, and I brushed
the gull just a tad, as well as the ground squirrel's coat. I also fixed up
the rather "stone looking" bryce dead tree, with clone, smoothing and
a tiny touch of color. (not done in the image below)

parkinglotbig.jpg (125603 bytes)

The lights, planters, car stops, and asphalt areas are all bryce
primitives. The dead tree is the one that comes with Bryce 4.
I am still much more "at home" with the materials editor in Bryce
than the one in Vue. It just seems so much more straight forward
and adjustable... and there are a lot more materials to choose from.