How to Create a Panorama QuickTime movie with Vue Infinite
Requires Vue Infinite (may work with other versions of vue but I have not tried those)
 a Paint program such as Photoshop, and the Free for PC GoCubic QTVR movie maker.
At the end I will add some notes as to how I made one with many "stills" from ArtMatic Voyager.
(the web site address of GoCubic utility is on the first GoCubic screen capture, or do a search
for GoCubic in Google and go straight there...just download it and don't worry too much about
all the stuff to read on the page... most of it is for use with CAMERAS and photos.

This is a screen capture after I was ready to render, so it shows the shadow bounding box of the panoramic
render area. MAKE YOUR WORLD IN A NORMAL STANDARD RATIO FIRST! Once you have your camera
showing as much sky and ground as you would like, ONLY turn your camera AROUND in the TOP view, to check
the view from every "side". Once you are happy with your world, then go to the next step: the Render settings.