Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Copyright Lyne's Creations November 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved

Over The Rainbow          

          In the ages of long ago,                        
 Somewhere far over the rainbow, 
 When magic still lived thereabouts,     
 There was among cathedral clouds,       
 Great glimmering soaring equines,       
 That when seen, delighted our minds,    
 Many scanned the skies in that light,   
 Wishing to see this breathtaking sight.       
 So I bring you a precious glimpse,      
 From some ancient manuscript,      
          This family of Pegasi,                  
      Born of magic rainbows on high.         
 ~Lyne's Creations                 

Harry the HiveWire3d Horse & Foal with Arabian breed morph and Texture map by CWRW
CWRW's Mane & Tail 2d sets for Adult horse's mane and tail - all found at the HiveWire store!
I used the Ken Gilliland's/CWRW Mil horse wings for the  fairly easily with Harry. :)
Rainbow by Laksmi (from background set at Renderosity)
Cloudy Sky photo by my talented friend George Gregory!

Some of the 'how to': I did a complex layer to do the rainbow over the horses... I selected the horse, then on a separate layer (new, no background) I did a "paste INTO" that selection, a piece of the rainbow. Then I could reduce the opacity of that layer over the horse, get just the right soft rainbow colors.. ( I did have to increase the contrast, or bring up the "neutrals" on the horse to keep it punched up under this soft color layer) I LOVE my Photoshop! LOL! Also I did not like all the yellow of the original top layer of the rainbow on the horse, so I reversed the rainbow piece and did it again over the neck/head/main/wing tips... it was fun as a double rainbow IS reversed in nature! :)

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