OH Brother!
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The new "Mowglie-like character" Zan for Diva (based off, requiring Dawn) with
HiveWire's new Big Cat- Leopard with the Black Panther add on by CWRW
as "Bagheera"- who is really annoyed with Mowglie's antics!

For the boy's loin cloth, I used Ken's Royal Hawaiian loin cloth prop for Dusk-
both fitting it with the morphs it has, and some post work.
Hair on "Mowglie" is KirieT hair for Dawn by Fabiana
Poses are by me. Fabiana's Mild Boreal Lights.

Ken Gilliland's Yucatan "Black Throated Magpie"

Background is a combination of Mel's Serene Waters, some ground dirt and grass in front.
also post worked Hosta flower pngs from the Freebie: Simple Backdrop png's Part 2 by  Angie W. (Rendo)

Butterflies by Noggin (DAZ)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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