Horses of the Heartland

Copyright Lyne's Creations November 2016 ~ All Rights Reserved


Inspired by the Canadian TV show I love so much: Heartland
I wanted to create something like the herd of horses that runs up the hill in the opening
credits as that wonderful music plays... and this is what came out of that dream!  It's also
dedicated to the folks at HiveWire3D for creating the "worlds best poser horse"!! Laurie-
CWRW- has created so many beautiful coats for the horse with more to come down the line.
(there are so many many more in other packages/breeds for "Harry" the HiveWire horse)

I could not have created this exciting image without the use of Daio's upcoming POSES
for the MANE, TAIL and even Body for the HiveWire Horse! I used all her poses from
all three parts (Body, Mane & Tail - which can be mixed and matched!!) It's her skill that
gave me control of the gorgeous mane and tail that Harry has! I'm so lucky to have been
one of her beta testers!!  I adore this horse but could never get a handle on those controls.
(I did tweak her pose to make the bay horse 'nipping at the Paint)

The hill in front was made with Flink's Ultimate ground, LisaB's Simmering Summer
ground texture (scaled 50% works great on Flink's ground!!) and her Indian Grass. Other
grass, weeds and flowers are Flink's HD models.

All birds (except Ron's raptors in the FAR distance) are Songbird Remix Ken's -
Golden Eagle, and in the foreground: his Sparrows and Allen's Hummingbirds!

Last but never least, PhotoGG's Piles of Cotton Sky (that includes trees/grass field on some of
the images!)  I could not be more pleased with how this piece came out, if I do say so myself! ;)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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