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Because of all that life has thrown at me,
Of FEAR I have never felt completely free,
Until now, when I've come to so clearly see,
It is my own FEAR that causes harm to me.

In my blind panic I made a very bad decision,
Landing me in the control of county physicians,
Stuck in that lousy hospital with very poor care,
With no regard for MY special health issues there.

NO MORE FEAR has to be my motto now,
I can take better care of myself, I know how,
By keeping safe within my limited parameters,
I know I'll be one of life's successful survivors!
Lastly I need to be able to lovingly forgive myself,
Feeling good that I can put fear away on a shelf,
Never forgetting this lesson that cost me so dearly,
I'm thankful I can see my life's purpose more clearly.
~Lyne's Creations

Special Thanks to my DEAR friend and poetry Editor
for helping me polish this poem and many others! She
knows who she is, and she is so appreciated!

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