Nightmares of Fear

Copyright Lyne's Creations February 2013  All Rights Reserved

Nightmares of Fear

How can I stop nightmares created of fear,
when my doctor calls and demands I hear,
his unfeeling words "hurry to the specialist!",
I better talk more often with my therapist.

I know my fear harms me, so I hold it at bay,
which is easier to do within the light of day.
But sleep releases my real inner feelings,
I'm powerless to stop what I am dreaming.

I will be bold, and go do what I am told,
Pray for good news so I can be consoled.
Perhaps my one kidney is just overworked,
Handling heavy medications but not really hurt.

With all the pain my syndromes deal out to me daily,
for additional "treatments", I do not have the energy!
I know and appreciate I have friends that do care,
So please if you have a spare thought or prayer,

I need extra love energy to get through this abyss,
I so need good test results, it would be sheer bliss!
~Lyne's Creations