Nickie Memorial
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Losing Nickie

My grief is magnified this time and I know the reason why,
It is because life is less tolerable without my little guy,
He was there, giving comfort, during my most meaningful years,
Through divorce, finding "true" love, then it's loss with many tears.

He nourished my heart, his presence was so very dear.
And though I have many good memories that are still clear,
There is a gaping hole in my heart where he used to be,
My heart hurts missing him, my clever cuddly little Nickie.

So bright and intelligent, he could have been a movie cat,
Constantly amazing me, he was an astounding acrobat!
I will never forget when I heard an unusual noisy sound,
Turning, I saw him run up the drapes, bringing them crashing down.

No sooner had I picked them up, he dashed for the other set,
Scaling right up those with sharp claws, causing me to really fret.
Then too, his favorite thing was to tightrope walk on those rod rails,
Causing me to fear for his safety, afraid his balance would fail!

I got a tall cat tree, so he could feel adventurous and free,
Because he loved high places for all the sights he could see.
I remember him running on top of cupboards with thundering feet, 
Then he'd stop, sit and stare at me, until our gazes would meet.

He always wanted to lay very close, right in my face,
Cuddling right under my chin was his special place,
He added so much to my life, I'm incredibly sad, and I cry,
I'm really angry that his health problems forced him to die.

Now the house is so quiet without his talkative meows,
While I can continue on, I am really not quite sure how,
Because he was so bright and understood me so well,
I'm afraid that my days will be tinged with a feeling of hell.

I expect to see his furry body, no matter where I turn my gaze,
Then I remember he's gone through a heart broken haze.
On his last day, he couldn't even jump up on a low chair,
So I know I did the best thing, to show my love and care.

Now I dread each day, it's hard to go downstairs,
Realizing that I can not expect him to be there.
Everything I did was connected to his comfort and care,
I'm so angry at life for doing this to us, it's just not fair!

Yes, I really miss his green eyed furry face,
No other fur baby could ever take his place!
Still we did the best we could, we had a loving 12 year run,
Now I pray he is in heaven, sleeping peacefully in the sun.
~Lyne's Creations                                                               


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