My New Toy!
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My first use of the new HiveWire House Cat! I love this little guy...just getting used to the many
dial possibilities... There is so much one can DO with this amazing off shoot of the HW Big Cat!!
This tabby tomcat is curious about his new toy - Pose is actually from the Big Cat Leopard pack!
I just did some minor tweaking to set back feet flat on the floor. There is very little post for this
aside from assembly!  What a gift to get me more active and motivated after my oral surgery!!

This is the base cat model, and grey tabby fur by CWRW....with more colors to come, can't wait!
I will of course be converting my own kitty kids to this new cat, once I am feeling up to it!

Toy is just a tiny part of the free cat accessories kindly provided by Glitterati!
Background is the Great Room- Bed is one I set up to make the room a bedroom some time ago.
I used Fabiana's blanket material on the bed's own blanket.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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