Wild Neon Nights
Copyright Lyne's Creations June 2015  All Rights Reserved

HiveWire's Dawn as OOT's Laureen (Rendo)
Skirt and top by Evilinnocence (RDNA)
Her boots are from OOT's Assault for Dawn
(I changed the materials on all three items)
SAV Alpha Moikanaki Hair, Addon For Alpha Scalp (RDNA)
Fabiana's Even Glow Jewels, fitted to Dawn by me.
Dawn's Pose is from DM's Pretty Dawn by Danie & Marforno
Fabiana's Warm & Soul lights
Backdrop/floor/barstool is Sveva's Neon Nights quick set ~
(that inspired this piece!...and could not resist making my sig reflect too! LOL!)
My Wild Cat morph/map of the DAZ mil house cat (see my freebies here!)
I did do a lot of post work on her tummy for the sitting pose...
so the Ocelot looks a little "pregnant" but I liked it! LOL! 
This was a fun Sunday afternoon art project!

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