The Need For Fathers
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The Need for a Father                  

Little girls need a Father who cares,                 
With support and love that's always there,             
Protection and strength from guiding hands,               
Never judging or making demands.               

I grew up without a real Father of any kind,            
Mom chose a man she could always undermine,       
This timid man that was more like another sibling,      
   One she constantly directed to do her biding.          

I understood her reasons, but hated what my life lacked,        
A kind, accepting Father who would always have my back,       
Because all little girls need what only a good man can bring,   
Imparting a sense of confidence that allows her heart to sing.  
~Lyne's Creations  

My Father HID behind a newspaper for much of the time...then when he came to the dinner table he was in competition for the food, like a greedy kid! He HATED my laughter (apparently it hurt his ears) so I always got chastised in the rare times I laughed - I soon learned NOT to... The ONLY thing about him that I did admire was his artistic talent in making me stuffed toys, beautiful rugs and his amazing woodwork, building furniture... But he was quiet, unresponsive and never expressed love of any kind. Mom TOLD me that she married him ONLY for the children he could give her, and she divorced him on Valentine's day...he gave her a gift, she gave him the papers- I'll never forget her cruelty! 

My Dad's Mother was a domineering "children should be seen and NOT heard" strict woman....I was left with HER when Mom had my brother, so I was scared, alone and left out, jealous of course...  My world turned upside down with Mom finally getting a SON she could mold, control and create to serve her needs...and so it goes...

The only other thing Dad gave me were wrecked lungs, by smoking constantly IN MY FACE....I'll never forget him holding a honeysuckle flower bloom up to my face with a cigarette in his fingers, so while offering me the honey from the bloom to taste, the smoke burned my eyes...I'm SURE one of the reasons my lungs are so fragile and prone to pneumonia now, is the amount of smoke I breathed in as a very young child, and all during my young adult years in that house...

So for me,  it was like having NO Father... Mom and Dad NEVER EVER expressed any love in any form between them, so I was raised in a house devoid of love. I was told in a stern voice: "you should just KNOW you are loved, I should not have to tell you."   I've always been smart enough to understand the psychology of my parents- the "reasons why",  but that does not mitigate my grief over never having gotten what I needed to grow up happy and secure.  To this day I'm working on all my issues that grew out of my childhood...

Art is a good way to express love for the little girl inside...
I used Baby Luna, and "grew her a little older" by combining Luna and Dawn morphs,
with a lot of dialing. I put the "natural makeup" Elisa by Maelwenn for Dawn.
She wears LuLu hair for V4 from Rendo (fit by me).  Her dress is from the cute set:
"Frills & Spills" for Luna by Lully (HiveWire). 
Her Daddy is Dusk with a converted "Aram" by SAV for M4 skin, and Aram hair.
He wears the Dusk Skinny Jeans, with the denim texture from the add on set by CWRW.
His Shirt is from the Western Outfit by Ken1171 Designs from Hive.
I set the figures into The Great Room from DAZ, with LisaB's Potted Palm and Hanging Plant.
The background out the window is one of my Carrara Renders of a Howie Farkes scene.
Poses are by me.   Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop.

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