Spirit Of America

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Dusk by Chris and his team at HiveWire3D.
(Dusk is FREE - try him, you might like him!!)
"The Brothers" at HiveWire by Virtual World for my Native American.
I modified the face map of one of the brothers, cloning the heavy whiskers away.
I then "dialed in" the facial features of my idea of a Native American from Dusk's own morph dials.

Fabiana's Eternal Kyra Hair, (using the "Dawn fit")
The Native American "chaps & cloth" are M4 Cheyenne from DAZ.

The feathers are CWRW's PANTED FEATHERS from her "Painted Ponies" set RMP.

Golden Eagle from Ken Gilliland's Birds of Prey - Vol. 4

Harry (the HiveWire Horse) with the Dunskin from CWRW's Ultra Textures for the HiveWire Horse Pack 2.
The texture on the blanket is from Essentials Vol VIII Velvety Fabrics by Fabiana at RMP.

The real sky (by commission) is a real world photo by my good friend George Gregory!

Poser 2014, with Fabiana's Warm & Soul lights
Photoshop for post work and assembly.


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