Nap Time
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I realized after I slaved over adding the mobile that it was hanging too low to be safe...
I hope it can be forgiven in favor of "artistic license" ?  It just seem to be needed there.

The new
HiveWire Kitten with baby Luna (HW)
I wasn't entirely happy with my first use of the new kitten, so I had to do another.
I used the
Elisa map with no brows for her, and used Dawn's Mid Length Hair (HW) with
my own hair mapping (merchant resource hair texture and used other trans maps) to get
the fine 'baby hair' look.  She wears Glitteratie's FREE Sleeper with Lully's velvet texture. The bed
is the old DAZ Bassinette with a mixture of Moyra's and Lully's materials. The blanket comes
with it. Posing by me.  Lighting was both Fabi's poser lights and Render - Lighting Effects added
via Photoshop. The mobile is made with Lilfoxe's Plushies from RDNA (now closed) -
 they MIGHT be found at DAZ now.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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