My Vue
Gallery 3
Created with Vue 4.01-02
with a Poser 4 pz3 import!

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acaciagrovedusk2.jpg (11913 bytes)         mudholemeet2.jpg (10793 bytes)
Acacia Grove at Dusk                Mud hole Meeting   

     reflections2.jpg (9312 bytes)         coldbeach2.jpg (6320 bytes)         BIRD2.jpg (13673 bytes)
Reflections of a Miracle                           Cold                                     "Bird!"         

       birdhaven2.jpg (15420 bytes)        happyspring2.jpg (11402 bytes)          myvueofherons2.jpg (9992 bytes)
       Vue of Steller's Jays                 Happy Spring!                           A Heron's Vue   

beginjourney2.jpg (11981 bytes)
      Idealworld2.jpg (11978 bytes)       neworange2.jpg (13870 bytes)
Beginning the Journey                 In An Ideal World...                   Orange Orchard  2

eastmeetswestc2.jpg (8869 bytes)         springbloom2.jpg (15269 bytes)       fairytreehome2.jpg (12907 bytes)
     East Meets West                      Spring in Bloom                    Endangered Species
                                                                                                       (caution larger than my 'normal'
                                                                                                     large vue images - to retain details!)

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