My Vue of Animal Art
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Vue d'Esprit 3.1 images

My love of animals has taken off into the creation of making models especially
for Vue d'Esprit, where they are finding wonderful homes in this amazing software!
The "fauna" has come home to the "flora"!  (more information on large image pages)

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toucansvue2.jpg (10725 bytes)        coyotelifelessons2.jpg (10919 bytes)       elkmeadow2.jpg (10237 bytes)
Vue of Two Toucans               Coyote Life Lessons                 Vue of Elk Meadow

  impalavue1.jpg (10056 bytes)      beaversvue2.jpg (7745 bytes)      okapivue2.jpg (9459 bytes)
                             Vue of Impalas                    Vue of Beaver Pond              Vue of Okapi                         

   gazellewater1.jpg (9624 bytes)      mtgoatmountainweb1.jpg (10842 bytes)     goatweedpatch1.jpg (10955 bytes)
                Gazelle Water hole        Vue of Mountain Goats             Vue of the Weed Patch       

   pastoralvue1.jpg (11638 bytes)           macawtreeyard2a.jpg (11323 bytes)
                      A Pastoral Vue                     Vue of the  Macaw Tree           

Always being short on time, I created my "Ready Pose Models" to "pop" right
into Vue,  & Bryce with their "clothes" on, no muss, no fuss.. ready to place and render!  

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MORE VUE! in Gallery 4
MORE VUE! in Gallery 5

MORE VUE! in Gallery 6
MORE VUE! in Gallery 7
MORE VUE! in Gallery 8
MORE VUE! in Gallery 9

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