My Melancholy Heart

Copyright Lyne's Creations January 2013  All Rights Reserved

My Melancholy Heart

I go along feeling sort of okay,
Until I allow music into my day,
Then feelings come rushing back,
Reminding me of everything I lack.

He drank me in with his eyes,
I would look away, feeling shy.
He loved me gently, tenderly,
I gave him every part of me.

I thought I finally understood,
Love could actually be good,

I thought we lit the world on fire,
With our passion and desire.

He was the one love of my life,
For a short time I was his wife,
Until he up and changed his mind,
His love, his heart I could not find.

How could our love have been so wrong?
How could a love like ours just be gone?
I completely believed in what we had,
Now part of my heart is eternally sad.

I've left my Second Life for I'm aware,
I just can not move freely anywhere,
I'm so afraid I'd encounter him there,
He's ruined my magic realm, it's not fair.

I gaze at that world from beyond the door,
That fanciful place that I used to long for,
Now frightens me, since anyone can be,
Him in a new form, come to spy on me.

This lovely world of constant wonder,
So full of music it now pulls me under,
Back down into a state of melancholy,
Why do I long for what seems such folly?

Yes, I should "take back" what is mine,
My feelings immobilize me, and I find,
I must withdraw into my art each day,
just to find a way to be sort of okay.
~Lyne's Creations