Making your own pure White Bread
with NO preservatives, no additives!

click here for fully illustrated (my photos) of the
whole process, from prep to clean up!

This page will be a lot more detailed for the whole process
from preparation to baking to clean up!

Because my health/diet demands foods low in fiber, and NO
added chemicals of any kind, this is the soft white bread I make!


For this bread to come out right, it presupposes you use
this convection bread maker and live at or near sea level,
like on the southern California coastal environment! Making
bread is a science, reacting to each ingredient and your environment!

Allow 3 hours for this whole process. This is NOT rapid rise bread!
(better bread this way)

Also because it has no preservatives, you do have to keep it in an
air tight plastic food storage bag. (I squish the air out) and eat
it within 3- 4 days, or freeze.

You need these ingredients:

2 1/2 tsp. Fleischmann's Active Dry Yeast

3 cups + 4 level tbsp well packed Gold Medal BREAD flour

4 level tbsp. Pure Cane Sugar

1 1/4 cups pure water

1/4 tsp salt



In advance, make sure your bread pan will sit snugly
into the bread machine, gently tug on it's handle to make
sure it will not 'pop off' its holders. If it does, gently pound out
each side of the pan (on the short sides) to 'widen' it slightly.
Sometimes the bread pan will pop up/off the holders and then
your paddle will not turn to mix the ingredients.

FIRST put the salt in the bottom of the bread pan.
(yeast is killed by salt, but is crucial for it to taste right)

Place 1 1/4 cups water that is ROOM TEMPERATURE (+ heat in microwave 15 seconds)
in the bread pan. Swish the water around until the salt dissolves.

Next, add the flour. It will float. Using a spoon, gently make the flour level.

Next, pour the pre-measured sugar in a mound on the center of the flour.
Using a spoon, hollow out the sugar to receive the yeast. (yeast 'eats' sugar)!

Pour your PRE WARMED yeast into the hollow.
yeast to go dormant. I set it out in a soup bowl 3 hours before I want to use it,
to warm it up, and help it become 'alive' and ready to make your bread rise! :)

Place the pan into the bread machine.
Next, plug in the machine. It will beep.
Push these buttons in this order:

IMPORTANT!   Press button #s 1 & 2 TWO TIMES EACH!
Next Press 3 (start) button once.
you are choosing the size of loaf and the type of crust
for this type of plain white bread.

Once you hit # 3, you will hear the machine start to kneed the dough.
It will beep at you after a bit, saying you can add nuts, etc. I do NOT add
anything, so ignore this set of beeps.

After a while, when the counter hits 226, it will beep again. Ignore this set of beeps too.
BUT in about 25 minutes it will beep again and this is the IMPORTANT STEP for
you to make a nice loaf with NO 'paddle hole'!

Have a pre-prepared flat dinner plate with a dusting of the same flour ready.
With damp clean hands, put some flour on your hands too!
When the machine counter is at 135 it will beep, and kneed the dough (which has been rising)
once more. WAIT until it is done kneading and stops beeping, pull pan of dough up/out-
**close the lid of the machine after taking the pan of dough out, to keep the heat in!**
then gently turn the pan of dough upside down over your floured plate -
gently shaking it until it falls out. Sometimes the paddle will fall out,
sometimes it will stay in the bread. Gently remove it from the dough.
NOTE: this machine has an odd habit of leaving a bit of dark greasy residue on the paddle
and it's spindle. I use a paper towel to reach in and wipe the spindle off as well as pick off
any dough with the dark stuff on it. It will not harm you, but I'm picky!  :)

(Also note: if you forget or miss the beep for this stage, all that will happen
is that the paddle will stay in the bread...when the bread is baked and cooled
I use a small pairing knife to go around the paddle and work it out, leaving as
much of the bread as possible. I also never worry about the residue, other than
to pick it out if/when you see it- of any part of the bread as you slice it.)

Anyway, back to if you DID hear the beep and got the paddle out of your ball of dough:
Gently pat the dough into a ball, open your machine's lid and place it back into the pan.
It helps to note where the paddle bumps are in the bottom of the bread machine and
align the corresponding paddle metal things on the BOTTOM OF THE BREAD PAN
so it will set quickly and firmly back into the machine. The object is to work
fairly quickly to keep the nice warm heat in the machine.

NOW you are ready to leave the machine to finish it's last long rise. It will
turn on it's convection baking at 40 minutes. It will beep when it is done.
IMPORTANT! Take the bread out of the pan ASAP (use oven mits, it's hot!)
or the bread/crust will get soggy.

Set your bread to cool on a rack... I use my oven metal rack, with a paper towel on it,
leaving the oven ajar. I let it cool for at least 3 hours if not more. NOTE! With this
type of bread, the crust will be HARD... I trim off the bottom and sides, slicing with
a bread knife on a bread board. I also can't help but munch on the top edges of the
light top's tasty!  ;)

So there you are... with bread as pure as possible for users like us- those with sensitive
systems like IBS, FM, etc.

~Thank you to visitors for taking the time to visit this page!~