Moving Day
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....And you stay put! *says Mama to her mischievous cubs*   :)

I felt like doing something with more contrast (rather than more dry Serengeti environs)
So I got the idea of the leopards that roam India... of course my birds are African Lovebirds,
and my moths are south American "Painted Beauties" (both by Ken @ HiveWire)... but oh well,
all the colors went, and I already had this 'background' made up! So forgive me my faux pas!  :)

HiveWire Big Cat - Leopard by the HiveWire team and CWRW once say I'm addicted
to these new models would be an understatement!   ;)

Background is a combo of public domain photo, RDNA banana leaves & ferns, and the Fantasy Forest
by Stonemason (DAZ).  Poses for each started with Paul's, then tweaked, but the 'hanging from Mom's
mouth is all my posing from studying photos on line... :)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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