Morning Gallop
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Sub-Title: The Brown Pelicans are Back!
Because down here in Southern California the Brown Pelican became
very rare due to a red tide and El Nino causing a serious lack of food
one year...  It was so great when these impressive birds were back!

Forgive the lack of 'live links' either here or on my own website. This image was a LONG time in the making
all during the time when Nickie's health declined rapidly with many conflicting serious problems. I was left with
no options and had to say good bye to my last little boy. We had 12 years together after his long trip to me,
via two rescue shelters - one in another state, a kill shelter, that the Helen Woodward Animal Shelter took him
in, and he had even been THERE too long, but we found him and we chose each other "at the last minute". He
ended up with many health problems that I doggedly cared for over the years, telling him "he was just like Mom".

But now, with MY health issues becoming harder to care for, my inability to physically take a cat to the vet, etc. I'm
afraid he is my last pet. My grief is heavy.... my art and friends my only salvation.  I'm working on an epic poem for
his memorial, but I am NOT ready to do the photos of him all around that poem, or set up his memorial page. I've
been crying so hard I almost threw up... Every aspect of my life had a focus on him, how things I did would affect
him, his comfort, his happiness. My home is so empty now. My heart has a hole in it.

2 Dawn SE's and at this point I'm not at all sure how I got the different skin colors! I kept changing them,
and now P3dO says it's all Dawn SE skin?  I thought I had used VW's Monica and Mirella's Alisha...sorry
I can't be specific on this. I used a Full Body morph to make the darker skinned Dawn a bit heavier and all the
clothing followed nicely.  I used OOT's Mega Wardrobe- Tee Shirt from Rendo, 
with parrotdolphin's Florals and Weave materials, also from Rendo.

Dawn's HiveWire- Skinny Jeans and Universal Boots. I used the HiveWire Cowboy Hat. Hair on one is Ali's
HR-092 with P3D's hair texture, and the other is Fabiana's Alanis hair from Rendo. The Cowboy Hat, Jeans and
Boots are all textured by CWRW ... Laurie does a LOT of work for many models!
Girl's poses come with the western tack, for the reins, then I worked on posing them to go with the horse poses.

I adore the HiveWire Horse, and his fantastic HW Western Tack, by Fab3d, Chris Creek, rigged by Paul and
all textured to perfection by Laurie-CWRW!  Horse, Mane and Tail poses by Daio (from her Show Off set at HW)
a bit tweaked by me. I ALWAYS do sub-Division on the horses, as well as the manes and  tails. For this one,
I did brush out the manes and tails for just the right look. I noted that this time, I really felt I was creating a
PAINTING, not just assembling items. It took me a long time to come to this point/feeling in my art creativity!

SBRM Ken Gilliland's Shorebirds: the Long-billed Dowitcher and Brown Pelican - posed and slightly post worked
by me. I can't do art without Ken's birds these days!

Shaaramuse3d's Beach and Driftwood. With the beach, I just could not get it to render right with any Displacement
on, but the textures do the trick anyway. I used a photo for the water from Pexels public domain photos. The SKY is
from PhotoGG's Cathedral Skies, from HiveWire.  I did render the beach ground and both horses/girls right in poser
so those shadows are 'natural'. I added shadows for the shells and birds in photoshop.

Exnem's beautiful Seashells from Rendo

as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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