Moon Play
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HiveWire's Cougar by Chris/Paul with textures by CWRW
Daio's Jungle Life pose
(Edges of coat brushed out in post)

LisaB's FantaStar for Starweed (HW)
LisaB's "Simmering Summer" ground texture (turned brown by me)
on Flink's Ultimate Ground (I added the distant trees from another of George's photos)

Moon and a sky from Blue Skies Beyond the Clouds by PhotoGG-
I turned the sky/clouds to "night" via Photoshop, added the stars and
George's moon. I'm very pleased with this latest challenge I put to myself.  :)

Luna Moth by SongBird Remix Ken from
Nature's Wonders Giant Moths (HW)

Note: I'm used to 'framing' my main subject with other objects, but George remarked
that this looked like the way the old masters used to paint- using negative spaces and
lighting to bring your eye TO the subject.  So I left the 'spaces'!

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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