Moonlight Beauty
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A moonlit beauty bathed in the soft light,
Watches her kittens play with pure delight....
Lyne's Creations                                         

From HiveWire:
Dawn SE model by Chris & Paul - character & skin "right out of the box"
the beautiful skin for Dawn Special Edition was created by Virtual World
Soul Window eyes by Minyassa
*Expression dialed by me*
Lully's Cha Cha top & skirt
HW's Kitten (now available at Rendo too!)
Daio's Home Life Kitten poses!

From Rendo:
Substituted her nail texture by Fabi (from her Oriana for Dawn)
OOT's shorts from "Sporty Casual" set used for "undies"
Material on Clothes: Delicate Meshes by Atenais
(trans set to 0.5000 for some parts of skirt & top
and trans turned off for shorts)
OOT's Christina Hair
DM'a Pretty Dawn Pose

Warm & Soul Lights by Fabi (used extra rim light too)
I used Fabi's "half reflective mirror" material on a cloth plane
to create the reflective floor - had to save out one copy of the
render as a tiff, to get the reflection to show properly.

2D Iris by Jaguar Woman (she has her own web store)

2D Moon photo by PhotoGG (beta testing use)

Universe filters: stars/nebula

 as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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