Should I Tell Her?
(who her Father is?)

 Copyright Lyne's Creations August 2014  All Rights Reserved

I worked SO big, because I adore being able to show the characters (and the background) as it was meant to be seen in all their detail,
and I flat refuse to reduce the jpg quality. I actually did have to use a slightly higher compression than I normally do,
but hopefully not too much to have any visual difference.

It took DAYS to just do the centaurs, helped by the free Hemi morph for Dawn and Harry...
but still took a lot of post work to have the bodies meet properly. 
Then it took more time to render the background of Howie's Valley Alpina, then more days to
add in the little details... so a LONG time 'in the making'. 
The finishing touch HAD to be a photograph of the pine branches, so I bought those this morning! Whew! 
(that and the time it took to recover from a fairly serious fall and injury - nothing broken,
but took a week to get back to any art work.)

Special Thanks to my best friend for the Title!  She said it looked like the Mother was thinking now maybe
I need to do an art piece to show what she was considering telling her daughter about! LOL!

Dawn and Harry horse from HiveWire3d!
Dawn (character same as in my Warrior image) with Fabiana hair
K4 with Fabiana hair
Harry as a full horse and foal wearing the cream drought color by CWRW
Red Wing blackbirds (male and female) by Ken Gilliland at HiveWire3D
Noggin's butterflies
foreground flowers are billboards from XFrog
Reeds are Flinks
Pine Branch from Shutterstock - purchased an isolated pine branch to use!
Far off raptors are Ron's Bird Brushes
Swan from the 2D Swan Song set By Ilona and Bez


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