Missing Love

Copyright Lyne's Creations May 2013  All Rights Reserved

Missing Love

Listening to music, I sit alone here,
My heart remembers and is clear,
Wishing to return to what was dear,
Those happy days of love so pure.

Yes I can be with my own muse,
What my heart seems to refuse,
is the belief that my love is gone,
How can I live without his song?

Yes I can even be happy in a way,
Yet what still makes my heart say,
I do still long for that brighter day,
When life was happy like a holiday?

His feelings left, mine remain still,
Longing for that special sweet thrill,
His presence could always instill,
Now my heart holds a slight chill,

That I must live as well as I am able,
Knowing his heart was not as stable,
Of adaptability he was simply unable,
Perhaps he felt our love was a fable.

Not the stunning "once in a lifetime" treasure,
That truly filled my heart to the fullest measure.
Nothing again will give me that kind of pleasure.
A love that shone so bright, now gone forever.

....and all of this came to the surface when,
I allowed some delightful music back in,
As I sat and worked with art once again,
My heart expresses my loss through my pen...
~Lyne's Creations