Meeting The Minis
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I had a dream about mini horses & this image was born of that!

HiveWire's Dawn SE with
Maelwenn's Elisa skin  (HW)
 Fabiana's Alanis Hair with fit for Dawn (Rendo)
Her outfit (pants, shirt) is Casual for Dawn by 3D Tube Magic (Rendo)
(Cargo pants tinted pink in post) I love her clothing work!! 

Luna is the little boy with skin by FairyLu by Leilana (Rendo)
wearing darling hair, clothes/shoes & socks from two sets by Anniemation (HW)
 HW Horses (Arabian) model by Chris Creek,  CGcubed (Paul)
scaled down with various coat colors by CWRW (Laurie) (HW)
Horse's manes and tails posed using Daio's Show Off set (HW)
I can't get the mane and tail to look good unless I use Daio's set-
I love it!! I also sub-divide the mane and tail to at least 1 or 2

Songbird Remix Ken's Blue Jays & Anna's Hummingbird (HW)

background is compilation of images in Photoshop using:
Flink's Ultimate Ground with texture from Lully's Conservatory building set @ HiveWire
flowers & Tree by Flink  (Rendo)

Fence from Easy Environments Winter by flipmode (DAZ)

Hedge in back created using one of the jpgs from
Hedge Collection - Vol 1 (PBR Textures)
(bought at HW, but is now at DAZ)

Tree branch in upper right (I made it's shadow) is from Shutterstock Images
I gave up on rendering a good looking foreground branch in Poser and bought
some nice branch photos by searching for "tree branch isolated" at Shutterstock!

Sky/Clouds from "Piles of Cotton" by PhotoGG (HW)

as always: Fabiana's Warm & Soul Lights
Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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