Meeting the Family
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*Warning! Very Large image-you may have to use your
browser's zoom % level, but details are worth it!  :)

Sorry but to get the level of detail for every aspect, I had to make this image super-large!
From the tiny sparrows to the tip of Dawn's nose!  :)

Dawn-Elisa wears the new
Woodland Outfit by NGArtplay (HW) I can't say enough good things about this
dress model- each piece has MANY adjust dials, making it easy to use for my centaur gal! :)
Her hair is SAV's Adonis Hair and HiveWire horse with Leopard "Kitty Ponies Set 2" coat by Rae Designs
I overlaid the leopard coat on Dawn's hair and her body as well as the horse tail to carry the spots through all
for my unusual "Leopard Centaur" look! (I do love creating centaurs!)

Piccaolo the dragon from RDNA by Arki & RDNA (now closed/bought out by DAZ)

I had to add the new
"Songbird Remix Flock Formations 2-Ground Feeders" sparrows by Ken, as I just can't do
without that added touch (of birds, months, lizards and soon-frogs) that he creates to bring scenes to life! :)

Flowers are LisaB's Starweed plants with blooms from the add-on pack
FantaStar for Starweed

Ground is made with Flink's Ultimate Ground and Ken's Sagebrush Habitat ground material! I often
use this ground, and apply various ground textures from other merchants onto it. I love how it morphs
and I can produce exactly what I want for each piece of art.  Flink's ground is from Renderosity.

Background is Mel's Mountain Vistas (Rendo) I added Ron's Bird brushes-raptors for very distant birds.
Distant Pine trees are from XFrog's Tree Billboards, and close up pine branch is from a photo I bought at
Shutterstock Stock photos. I can get items there with no background (or white, and just cut it out to use like this).


I create all shadowing via Photoshop. It's very easy- duplicate layer of character or plant and using the bottom layer,
I use Hue/Saturation- pull the slider all the way to the left for Saturation and Lightness, creating a black silhouette
copy...then Gaussian Blur, reduce the opacity to about 50%, then go to Edit-Transform-Distort, and pull the shadow
down and to the left (or right depending on your lighting) and then place it... Sometimes it takes warping or smudging
to get it to look just right.  I go by feelings... or even look up shadows in images on Google to help me. In this case the shadow can be under (with light coming from behind/left) the hooves, BUT if the light is coming from the  front,
I make sure the shadow is never showing UNDER the feet/hooves or the character will appear to be floating
above the ground. :)

Another thing I do to set a poser rendered character into the 2D background of the scene is make sure
I put a few copied ground-pebbles or whatever 'over' (just to break the line of the feet/hooves, etc.) to make sure the
character will be IN the scene.

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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