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I can't use Fabi's beautiful "zen" products for Daz Studio...
(my brain just can't cope with DS) but this art was inspired by those.
I did SO much work in photoshop, I really feel this is a "mixed media" piece.

I had SUCH FUN learning even more about photoshop via
my very good friend George's detailed 'how to' pdf for his
upcoming Hang The Moon set!!!!!! It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
He's so good at photographing the real thing!!!!!!!!!! (set will be at HW)

FYI - I took an intense summer course on Photoshop years ago,
*on a MAC no less* at a local Jr. College, but it only scratched the surface...
It was fun, but hard work for this "PC" gal... (but never politically correct! ;)
I've had to be "self taught" with everything in life and I'm still learning even now!

Dawn SR2 as the lovely Minako by Tempesta3d (HW)
with Soul Windows eye color by Minyassa (HW)
OOT's Christina Hair (unavailable anymore)
Lully's Dawn Dynamic Poncho with "Fairy Tale" materials by Atenais (Rendo)
*She is wearing the pretty under panties from the HW Strapless mini dress*
Pose is tweaked from Ilona's Super Sexy for Dawn (Rendo)

Songbird Remix Ken Gilliland's Water Lily (HW)
in Vase by Exnem from vase set. (Rendo)
Her platform is actually another vase squashed! ;)

Candles by Fabiana from Sage Babylon (Rendo)
2D Moon photo by PhotoGG (beta testing use)
Coming soon to HW!

Cloud was a png from TNT's weather effects (Rendo, but cloud I used is unavailable now)
Flood Filter by Flaming Pear
Universe filters: stars/nebula
shadows and reflections done in post

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabi's lights & Photos

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