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They say that Arabian horses are very high strung, but "Bint" (means 'daughter of') was the
sweetest, calmest Arabian mare I have ever known. She was trail wise, energetic, but very safe.
She was a seasoned Mother, allowing me the gift of the experience of having a foal. Rosy was
the image of her Dad, tall and beautiful, with a sweet personality. I treasure the years I was
privileged to have these equine companions. Using Photoshop 5, I cut the horses out of the
cluttered background, laid in the azalea bushes, then matted and framed the image.
Photoshop's ability to 'layer' the elements of an image is so useful!

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For those who are interested, My Arabian horse's lineage's are:

My mare: Bint Rifara - a "Kellogg Arabian"
her dam - Rifara
her sire - Regis

Regis's Lineage:
his dam -Farnasa
his sire - Ferseyn - back to Skowronek

My Filly Rosy's Father's lineage:
his dam - Aibibi
his sire - Demitrius
with lines going back to Skowronek and Raffles and some to Mesaoud.

(I hope I spelled those's been years and the charts I made are lost,
but for photos of them... I was so into it at one time, I had little photos of
each horse on the family tree! *sigh* those were the days! :)


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