A Young Lady I met at the Park -
A one year old Main Coon Cat
maincooncat face.jpg (318125 bytes)

And this is not even as big and sharp as the original! I love my new Nikon Cool Pix 4300
used on Auto setting!  This lovely lady was at the park on New Year's Day with her "Daddy"
getting some fresh air.. she was a very loveable friendly sweetie and let me experiment for
quite a while on what my new camera would do with such contrasty light. She was sitting
beside a tree so half in sun and half in deep shade. I am so pleased, needless to say.  I re-
duced the camera's "fine" LARGE image by 70% and then sharpened the tiniest bit to
bring it back to the original sharpness... I know it is still such a large image, but to be able
to look into  these wonderful eyes so close up... !  :)