Magic Among the Ruins
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Dawn SR1 and Elisa skin with Harry (all HW) to make the Centauress,
(I kept the SR1 version of Dawn for my centaur because she was all set up with the
horse body plus she is slightly more compatible with some of the older character morphs.)
Her hair is Fabiana's Alanis hair. (I darkened the brows on the Elisa map to match)

Her top is the dynamic version of Castaway outfit by Nerd3d & Ryverthorn (HW)
interesting note: I chose the top after I had already posed her... so I just put it on,
at the last minute and ran the simulation... it worked fine!  I used one of the
Ripped Burlap materials by Atenais with the DISP, and bump turned WAY up. (Rendo)

Fabiana's Winter Whirl bracers for V4, converted to Dawn (Rendo)
*by fitting to Dawn, parenting, exported as an obj, re-imported and saved as prop*
Not as nice as the morph-able originals for V4, but better than not being able to use them at all!

HW horse with CWRW's Gypsy Vanner breed texture. (HW)
NOTE: to give the horse's fetlocks more 'fluff' (to later brush out) I use TWO SETS,
plus I sub-divide those, the mane and tail!  Horse pose is CWRW's set at HW.
I enhanced the horse's muscles with the dodge & burn tools... easy to do with a
black & white horse.  Dodge wouldn't work as well on a color horse coat.

Piccolo the dragon from RDNA (now at DAZ)
Arki did a beautiful muscling job on Piccolo, and I enhanced them further.

Horse & Dragon shadows created in photoshop with my own method

My "magical bird" created with Ken Gilliland's Yucatan "Black Throated Magpie"
with the African "Lavender Roller" bird texture map for my Magical Bird! (HW)

Sveva's Unbroken Silence (the bonus set) Background (Rendo)
NOTE: using my pen with photoshop's Quick Mask I captured, copied and refined, 
and pasted some of the BG's purple flowers to put in front of the dragon, etc.

as always: Poser Pro 2014 with Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights (Rendo) & Photoshop

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