pagepalletmouse3.jpg (3000 bytes)~Lyne's Creations Freebies~
My own models/morphs/maps/poses for my original products
will now be available for Free!

See Below for Important Set up and Use Instructions!!

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                                 See Readme's in the zip for the same instructions included here!!!

IMPORTANT! This is a RE-MAP of the DAZ Buck! You must "de-code" the new map for your DAZ Buck obj using the UVS file included! Here is how:

Download the FREE uvmapper classic here:

1. Go to your Poser-Runtime-Geometries-ZygoteAnimals. Copy and paste a back up copy of your original blBuck obj and rsr out of poser - into a folder you can archive. This file is NOT in a folder, it is hanging out in the list of animals.

NOTE: if there is an rsr file - DELETE THE: blBuck.RSR - file from the Zygote-Animals - folder in your poser!!! The "rsr" file will cause the maps to be read wrong!!

2. Next: Paste a copy of my "blBuck.uvs" file into this same Poser-ZygoteAnimals folder!

3. Open uvmapper ( you can get a FREE COPY of CLASSIC uvmapper at ) and browse to your Poser-Runtime-Geometries-ZygoteAnimals folder, and
open the original blBuck.obj YOU MUST OPEN THE ORIGINAL blBUCK.OBJ FILE FIRST!!

You may get an "error opening material library" - just say okay, this does not matter.

4. Once the Buck obj is open, then IMPORT the uvs file named blBuck.uvs from the folder provided in this set. You will see the new map layout!

5. Now, SAVE the MODEL with the same name - you can over write the blBuck.obj right in your poser folder because you have your original in a "back up" place.

That's it! The first time you open the new Buck morph character - a new rsr will be generated in the Geometries folder.

NOTE: Apparently some newer MAC OS's will not read the free mac uvmapper classic. I am truely sorry for this problem. There is NOTHING I can do about this. I am not at liberty (it would be illegal!!) to give out the DAZ remapped buck obj. I would suggest talking to people that use MAC and see if they can help you solve this problem. OR try to contact the creator of uvmapper via the website.


                                             ORIGINALLY CREATED IN POSER 5! WORKS IN 6 & 7 -
                                  SEE IMPORTANT NOTE ON FAWN EYES BELOW FOR POSER 9 AND ABOVE!!

New Morphs, newly dialed, new texture maps to make a Buck, Doe and Fawn from the

See the special readme for how to set up the remapped figures!

You will see the "transparent" antlers on the Doe and Fawn, but they will NOT render visible.

NOTE: FAWN EYES - I made a morph for eye size and "move" to create large fawn eyes.
CORRECT THE SIZE AND PLACEMENT of the larger "fawn eyes"!

I have created many morphs, Many Poses, and in FACE- (Look in your: expressions library, inside Poser) for eyes, and mouth Positions plus antler sizes!

DO NOT "RESTORE FIGURE" - It may mess up the morph settings.

I make the zips on a PC, so mac users will need an un-zipper that reads PC zips.

Simply install the Runtime (or individual folders) in your current Poser Runtime. NEVER change the name of the folder located in TEXTURES containing the jpg maps, or Poser will not be able to find them!

Want Bump? Just plug in the jpg map into Bump...recommended setting for Poser 4 render engine: change the default 8 to a 3. Settings can be what you prefer. I found that by adding a small amount of bump with the P4 render engine in my Poser 7 can add a bit more realism to my map. Try plugging it into Displacement and experiment with the amount of "bump" - use small figures or the model will tend to "bloat".

If you have any questions, feel free to IM me via Renderosity!

These files are the same original legal files that I sold over the years at Vista Internet Products. Each zip will contain the morphed cr2 , poses and textures with it's "coat" pre-applied.

I have used them in Poser 5,6, and 7. I can only assume they will work in newer versions of Poser - they should. They have NOT been tested in DAZ Studio (I had some problems getting maps to work, long time ago in DS, so cannot guarantee they will work there)