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New Updated Nickie Cat Map- See Below

Download the 2.57 mb zip containing the updated Nickie Cat Texture Map for the DAZ Mil Cat!

This Nickie map is a stand alone TEXTURE MAP.
To use it,  you will have to load your cat, browse to where you place the jpg texture in your Poser-Textures
and assign it to one body part, then APPLY TO ALL for the map to show on all body parts.
(the DAZ cat has one texture map for all body parts).


The top is a photo I just took of my Nickie, cut the background off, brushed out. You can see where his little arm was shaved for the IV for his hospital stay. They shaved his pretty tummy hair too! Very slow to grow out in summer...the middle one is not great, but shows him on his towel I wrap him up in (like a sausage) to give him his medicine each day. The bottom is a render of my UPDATED map on the DAZ Mil cat- I used the dials the creator of the cat included to make the cat more "Nickie like" in the pose to be similar to the middle picture here. Poser 7 render.

 I fixed the eyes (map texture) so you can move them a bit more up and down and side to side, and enhanced the coat to be closer to what Nickie is (the map was made from my dear Travis kitty photos but Nickie is actually quite a different tabby).

Real Life  NICKIE cat UPDATE:
Nickie WILL be on Prednisone all his life because of his Pancreas. :(

He is now on a once a day full "CC" of liquid Prednisone - we MIGHT get it to half a CC daily but we will be at a full one, AT LEAST ONCE A DAY for a WHILE.  I have to go to the vet's every 60 days because the liquid has a short shelf life. (NO way could I get a pill down his throat daily!!)  So, apparently, though the doc is HAPPY with Nickie's very good improvement, he does have BOTH irritable bowel tendencies and Pancreatitis. 

I am sad.... yes I can take care of him...and no, it is not deadly AS LONG as he has very good care, I am so sad... It was enough that my own health is the same - not deadly UNLESS I get sick with complications from any cold or flu.  It's a hard way to live, with this constant vigilance. I normally do not complain about my health... but **** it!  :(

I must say that Nickie is a little trouper, he seems to KNOW he has to have the stuff, fights it less and less. He does try to hide beforehand but then he comes out from behind a chair, looking quite unhappy, and goes to the towel most times. Then, after a dose, he gets up (I am praising him to the skies for being good!) and shakes vigorously, and then just sits down and watches me smooth out the "medicine towel"... the fact he does not run and hide afterwards is very very good! 

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