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It took a while, some painful hand joints, but it was a labor of love
to have my dear little Travis and my other boys continue their "lives"
in the newest, bestest House Cat model on the market!

Note: once you apply the Body Shape POSE for Travis, you can apply any
of the wonderful poses that came with the base cat, and it will retain
the Travis body shape! (but you may have to re-dial the claws back
in for some poses. Kitty's generally do not show any claws unless in
an aggressive, playful or hunting mode/pose.)

Please read the Readme for other useful notes!

Compatibility:  This cat and maps are NOT compatible
with Poser 9 or less. They will work in Poser 10 and up.

UN-TESTED in DS, but I assume you can apply my jpg maps manually.

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file is 10.5 mb

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