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       Stand Alone Poser Farm Pigs!

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Note: you may have to "drop to floor", use the Y to raise or lower the posed figure, or even ROTATE the HIP on the Y to have the posed pig "profile on" to the camera (and the "right side" I set the pose up for) - depending on which version of Poser you are using! I set them up in Poser 7, but in my Poser 9 the poses seem to land the character differently!? Sorry for the inconvenience but I did the best I could.

I have "updated" the maps - this means I have corrected some flaws my ancient computer (good grief, it was a CRT monitor! LOL!) did not show me, as well as brighten and sharpen up the maps. This is what I mean when I say I "updated" or "re-vamped" the maps of any and all the sets I have offered and am offering as Freebies now.

There is a lot of difference in lighting and the way mesh is "read" between Poser 7 (where I set up these Pig models and poses) and Poser 9. The pink piglet on the left was rendered in Poser 9, the one on the right in Poser 7.

Poser 7 seems to show less faults in the mesh, ie: more forgiving, than Poser 9, but a lot depends on your lighting. Extreme poses will of course push the mesh beyond it's "breaking point" in some areas.... Still I could not resist doing some extreme poses, like "sitting" and the laying down poses. The adult pig can lay down, ready for a large litter of baby piglets to nurse! I have several piglet nursing poses included!

And no, there are no "teats" on the Mother Pig - that type of detailed morph would have been impossible with the simple type of mesh I had to work with, that many years ago. But hey, once you pile the baby piglets up, no teats would show? and if you REALLY want them, you can create them (well I know, not everyone can) in POST work- in a paint program. At least there are piglets! :)

Note that this mesh is very old! This means there will be map stretching, and some areas where the mapping does not to say this... "meet itself" - parts of some triangles or rectangles of the mesh are mixed up. I have done my best to minimize this problem, but tiny problems do show up, as well as the map "stretching". I am only sorry my health - the condition of my joints does not allow me to create all new maps laid out in the newer "rug" styles.... but hey, they are all FREE! :)

I hope you enjoy! :)