Her Christmas Pony
Copyright Lyne's Creations December 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved

Her Christmas Pony           

      She crept down the stairs on Christmas eve night,               
Stifled a squeal at this dream come true sight,                 
She ran over to her great white steed with sheer delight,       
  Climbed up and set off at a gallop with all her might!          

Her parents saw she had rocked herself to sleep there,  
         Covered her with a soft blanket in loving care.                 
Knowing she was probably dreaming of her adventures,    
    And that she'd always remember this holiday's treasures!        
~Lyne's Creations                                                                   

It took more time to create the background/gifts to place her in.
This was a labor of love, I started as soon as the new HW rocking horse
gift was offered by HiveWire. I completed it JUST in time to post on the
very last hour of Christmas Day, 2015!

Little Luna (HiveWire3D wearing Elisa skin) and Lulu Hair (Rendo)
wearing modified Onesie (HW) I made it into a shirt
Luna's Pose by me
HiveWire Christmas Freebie Rocking Horse (requires HiveWire horse)
textured by CWRW
Luna is covered by Fabiana's Essential Blanket (Rendo)
Rug is Fabiana's Essential Rugs (Rendo
The Study (DAZ) Christmas (ornaments applied separately-forgot where I got them, sorry)
Gifts under tree came with The Study Christmas (some I re-textured)
Stocking is Gothic Stocking from RDNA - Judith & Deerpath- past freebies,
with BeckG texture set (ShareCG)
Cookies and milk with note for Santa in back (forgot where I got them, sorry)
Gift boxes in front, plus garland on mantel is from Christmas Tree set at Rendo
I added bows on garland and hanging decoration from Moonbeam1212's Happy Holidays 2014

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