Luna's Radiance
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Luna's Radiance                  

Early on a warm moonlit night,                    
I beheld a soft delicate sight.                    
Three Luna moths gracing the air,                  
Whispering to a Pixie fair,                    

As she was considering what spring needs,                
Like fruits that cherry blossoms precede,               
I thought of all this beautiful sight contained,                   
Noticing this pretty pixie had obtained,                        

Pretty jewelry to wear while at her task,                       
To add more sparkle to this world so vast.              
I stayed quiet, watching this beautiful sight,          
While Mother Nature's daughter bestowed her light!      
~Lyne's Creations                                                


HiveWire3d's Dawn SR2, as "Soraka" by EnchantedForest (Rendo)
(figure morph dialed to just 0.400)

Fabiana and Lucila's new gorgeous "Leaf Life 2 for Dawn" jewelry found at HiveWire!
I did color the necklace cord to match, just by going into the material room and selecting
alternate diffuse, and color picking a blue from her top. :)
(The ring on her finger is from another V4  jewelry set by Fabi & Luci
Rings are very easy to move into place on any figure!)

OOT's "Beat Babe" top with a combination of materials by parrotdolphin and Antenias's Widows Lace

The new Luna Moth from Ken's new Nature's Wonders- Giant Moths (HiveWire)
These moths are incredibly "pose-able"!!
*Because the Luna Moth is one that doesn't eat, I erased the mouth parts in post work.
I also create a motion blur for flying insects by duplicating the layer, using "motion blur"
and then erasing the blur at the front - front edge of wings, head, legs, etc. I also blur the
back edges of wings, and legs. Oh and some of the moth's body "fur" is from "brushing"
though Ken adds terrific detail trans maps for his creations! I just can't help "tinkering". :)
These giant moths are amazing huge mouthfuls for the pray birds and animals.

Fabiana's Paris65 hair, Fabiana's Warm&Soul lights

Background is from Sveva & Lunchlady's Asian Inspirations (Rendo)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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