Feeling SO Low

Copyright Lyne's Creations May 2013  All Rights Reserved

Feeling So Low

Higher Self why should I stay any more?
Why not allow myself to go out that door?
To be free to arrive on a healthy shore,
Without a sick body to deal with anymore.

I hope everyone knows how hard I tried,
And they will understand why I have died,
To leave behind this horrible sickly life,
To be free from all my continual strife,

Please let me be free, let me fly away,
There really isn't any reason to stay,
It feels good to give myself permission to leave,
No longer all those others in this life to please.

My life is my own to use or give away,
It's my own decision to leave or to stay,
Leaving would be such an incredible relief,
Don't worry for me or feel any heavy grief,

I'm done with this hellish life that I have lived,
Now it's peace that I wish for myself to give.
~Lyne's Creations

Having depression and health problems can really take it's toll...however as you read this,
keep in mind that  in those dark hours as I sat upright in bed that middle of the night....
a thought intruded: But I can't "leave" now, I have not gotten the History Channel's Season 4
of Ancient Aliens on DVD yet, and I really HAVE to watch it... I noted that ironic thought...
and here I am still trudging doggedly through my life... In spite of labored breathing I forced
my way through creating this art to express...I know I am not alone, and
others struggle as much as I do. This is for us all!