Lost in Time
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Forgive me for not having complete links/credit & the "How to" information. Because of my grief over losing Nickie cat,
I over did it extremely with my trackball mouse and my hand joints have suffered. I think I actually have "frozen shoulder syndrome" in the last joint of my thumb from using a trackball mouse that works with the side ball for thumb use.
The results of which means I'm using Dragon dictation for "typing" and doing as little work with my hands as possible. My nearly frozen shoulder joint is also being irritated by trying to use the new pen and tablet
as I can't help but move my arm.

After going about a week and a half without doing any artwork and nearly losing my sanity because of it, I bought a
 new pen/tablet, I'm now trying to figure out how to function using both the tablet and the mouse. My life would have
no meaning if I could not do my art but obviously the amount of time it takes to do art will take a lot longer now.
This is very distressing and depressing. But I struggle onward, as I've always done with my damn health problems.

Dawn wearing the dress/outfit called Lost in Time from Renderosity. This outfit was made for both Dawn and V4.
Dawn's skin is
Elisa from HiveWire, and her hair is: Katharina hair by OOT (DAZ)
HiveWire Horse with the unicorn coat by CWRW and unicorn horn by
Dream Weaver Designs at HiveWire.
The background is a combination of a couple by Sveva from Renderosity, with light rays added by Patslash.

as always: Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop


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