A Woman's Fantasy
Copyright Lyne's Creations June 2015  All Rights Reserved

A Woman's Fantasy                 

For me, falling in love is a thing of my past,          
But that doesn't mean the fantasy doesn't last,         
So I envision a handsome man by the fire,               
Which brings back the warm embers of my desire. 
~Lyne's Creations                                    

This image took a LOT of work- Aram for M4 had to go through two texture transformers,
with corrections done in Photoshop to the face areas, and then be set up to include the SSS nodes
(by copy and paste from M4 to Dusk parts) so the skin is not quite as translucent as it could be,
but I am happy with at least another character for Dusk!  Anyone willing to create an
original character/skin for Dusk will make a mint for all of us "lovers of Dusk" people!

The M4 clothing (Uzilite's pants, shirt, vest & boots- boots were not changed- just placed,
conformed, with Dusk's feet parts made invisible). It was the clothing that broke to pieces in
Cross Dresser, did not work in the Poser Fitting room so each piece was PLACED and POSED
and hours spent getting it to look right for the camera! Many of Dusk's body parts are invisible! 
But again, a lot of work, but worth it to me.

Dusk (HW)
Aram Character and Hair by StudioArtVartanian (Rendo)
(converted to Dusk from M4)
Clothing - Uzilite DAZ clothing (fake fitted)
Pose by Island Girl (RDNA)
Rug by Fabiana (Rendo) (as well as wood on the floor material)
The Study room from DAZ (candles "lit" by me)
Iris flower by Jaguarwoman (she has her own store now)
Goblet by ? with glass material by MAPS
Reflections on the floor by me

Rendered in Poser Pro 2014
Post work in Photoshop

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