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The Future of Lyne's Creations                                                                                    March 2005

Because of the increasing changes in my health situation I wanted to let all my friends and customers know what my plans are for my future commercial projects (and freebies! :) At this point, I have no projects in mind... if I do a texture project it will be just something spontaneous...but my store is still up and running with all the products I have already created! :)

It is nothing life threatening, but it is now becoming very limiting physically for me to work at the computer for long periods of time, and work in particular ways. I have Fibromyalgia and with my age, it is catching up with me. I used to be SO active with hiking around Zoos and visiting farms with my photography (both for personal, commercial portraits and resource collecting) and now I am lucky when I can get across a couple of streets to our local pond/park to enjoy the wild life there.... frustrating to say the least!

One major problem with Fibromyalgia (FM for short) is the tendency to get "frozen shoulders" from any sort of repetitive motion. That came on with web building a few of years ago. I have been in therapy and getting shoulder joint cortisone shots off and on for years, and still have to take great care of the amount of time I spend and how I use my shoulders and arms. I have lost some range of motion in my arms/shoulders and if I push too hard, I will loose more. Surgery is not an option and often does not even "take".

This is the major reason I simply cannot continue to do the intense work it takes to make original models. I have to apologize to the folks that were hoping I would make an original llama model and some others that I had previously announced I would do. Unless a real medical break through happens, it is just unlikely.

The FM syndrome affects everyone differently which is why it is just now being accepted as "real" to doctors, while they still do not know too much about it, or what to do for it. I plan on gathering some information and posting it on my own personal web site for my own use and for others who might have all these oddball symptoms and never understood what is going on. Growing up with odd pains, odd reactions to medications, going through all sorts of tests that were "negative" has been difficult, but I managed fairly well until my age caught up, and I no longer have hormones to help my body cope.

For some more detailed information on "FM", click here.

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