Misc. Favorite Links

planit3d280.jpg (25248 bytes)  Not only the host site of all of my freebies now and forever more, but a great Forum, Galleries, Interviews and lots more!

rositylogo.jpg (3870 bytes)  If you need to know about something in the Poser & Graphic Arts Community...this is the place to go....and shop too!

SUN JAVA - run java applets in your browser! Great for sites with java apps!

mgoose2.gif (2561 bytes)
Children's Story Writing and Learning Site with "story starters" and pictures to go with the stories!

Jimmy Buffett
THE place to find out about JB and to connect with other parrot-heads!


I just found out that there is to be a Dragonheart movie sequel released
direct to home video!

Dragon Counters & Dragon Art Gallery  There is so much here, you could spend weeks!

Here Be Dragons! Lots of Dragons to enjoy!

Dee's Dragon site  An extremely talented Dragon artist!

TV -3D & SciFi shows

Reboot   Great CGI cartoon! (gone from TV now as far as I know, but site still up!)

Creator of Star Trek!

Misc. Great Stuff !

link8.gif (7682 bytes) This really is a GREAT little free web site listing service!

Alycia's Jeff Corwin site  My grand daughter's fan site for Disney's Jeff Corwin show

Helpful Information sites

PC Magazine a great resource for finding out about anything related to computers!


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