Favorite Links

3D Art Galleries

FAIRY ART AND MORE!! - Fairies, Dragons, and Other Fantasy Creatures: Original Artwork by C. Maria Plieger

3D Valley  Stunning Gallery Art, Free models - many C4d and MAX. Great Links listing!!

DRAGONWORKS Bruce Huffman's Magical Bryce Art!

design  by  deanna  An incomparable Bryce Artist!

skydancer_link.gif (2203 bytes) SkyDancer's beautiful art and photography are not to be missed!

Curious3D   Cynthia Frederick's illustrative style Bryce art drew me to her site, but there is so MUCH more! :)

The 3D Scene Gallery art extraordinaire by Martin Childs!  (extraordinaire: 2. Highly exceptional; remarkable)

Mindscenes Daniel is a very interesting and different Bryce artist! Be sure to check
out all his galleries, they contain different kinds of art!

Infinitee Designs by Ralph Hawke Manis 3D Graphics  3D graphics, 2D illustrations, Web Design, sci-fi, fantasy, rock, T-shirts, futuristic, and psychedelic art!

Gene G's True Space Art I could not believe my eyes! Very real, beautifully lighted trueSpace
3D art! Go take a look!

Digital Art by Will Kramer - a real talent with beautiful ladies, and much more!

Dragon Tree Computer Art 
the home site of the creator of Tau Ceti - a very
talented artist herself!

The Official ASFA webpage  The Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists. While
this is an organization, there are wonderful galleries and gallery links here, to sci fi and fantasy art done
in all media. Well worth a visit, and a book mark!


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