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3D Programs & 3D Resources  (please note:  resource sites have wonderful art too!)

vipsm.jpg (5615 bytes)Vista Internet Products  Is CLOSED ....BUT see this page for news of my products FREE!

by a pure talent!  Direct link- fantastic figure & clothes for FREE!

THE most beautiful "Solid Growth" plants and trees for Vue in the world!!  Seeing is "I GOTTA HAVE THAT" to make your VUE'S the most realistic out there!

FIREBIRDZ   The be all - end all for POSES both poser figures and hair and more! I CANNOT and will not pose my figures for a render without using the exquisite poses from Firebirdz! :)

MV DESIGN online studio of Mary Vuillemot and Walter Delorey is a fascinating site for those looking for art work for their businesses, as well as interesting galleries!

  Lady Doves Elite Screensavers  The most Beautiful, diverse, easy to use, affordable screen savers! You should see her clock screen savers! :)

George L. Gregory (Bountiful Knight) is a professional 3D modeler, artist, and programmer! Visit
                        his site for unique models, textures & art, and inspiration!

planit3d150.jpg (14562 bytes) PlanIT 3D has a little bit of everything and is a much appreciated resource!  PlanIT3d Hosts all of my freebies including my latest freebie dog breeds! Plus the Ultimate P4 Horse Morph set!!

Yagami's free Mil girl clothes and faces - More than cute- quality!!

3D Valley  Stunning Gallery Art, Free models - many C4d and MAX. Great Links listing!!

An Enchanting place to find Fairies of all sort, and meet kind  generous folks! be sure to check out their store and see ThornWorks characters there & at the Renderosity Marketplace!

For Sci Fi models and textures visit these two great sites!! :  J. Hoagland  and Sparky  !

  THE most beautiful "Tubes" Image Lists, and Nozzles found anywhere on the 'net!!!


Mehdi - Cool Free plugins for photoshop and many other aps.

DreamSlayerSite.jpg (4979 bytes) DREAMSLAYER ARTWORKS is an up and coming site for 3D enthusiasts! Forum, Freebies, Store and more!

Koshini by Lady Little Fox!   for fans of fairies, pixies and cuteness.. this new little Poser doll is just adorable!

Capsces Digital Ink-Wonderful Art site, and home to Beth's "9Lives" poser cat morph!
Be sure to check out Beth's Boris for Michael!
  Her morphs are fantastic!  Roxanne for Vicki!!

01senosoftware.gif (1313 bytes)   Home of   "P3dO Explorer"   an indispensable program for viewing Poser, Vue and image files... stay organized, find 'lost' files... take a look inside a zip to see what it is too!! (if image was supplied)

DNA logo2.jpg (3664 bytes)
  Colm Jackson and Syyd Raven's  on-line store!

dreamview.jpg (5547 bytes) Varian's site is full of wonderful art, & Vue d'Esprit resources!

Poser Fashion Serge Marck's incredible historical poser ladies fashions... check out the useful links page too!

Digital Renderings DIZ has very nice gallery and wonderful textures for the mil kids to download.. and more!!

RENDEROSITY  Register here, and get into the Poser Fun Stuff! Store is great too!

3D Plants  a site with very nice plant models to download, free!

Vue d'Esprit  better than Bryce? I am beginning to think so! It has "vegetation" for one thing....!

Tony Lynch Designs   Need 3D furniture? Fantastic site with everything you need! Be sure and check out Tony's furniture store at Renderosity!

plantstudio127x95.jpg (14377 bytes)Plant Studio   the greatest little program that helps you create 3D flowering plants, very user friendly!  Try it, and you will be hooked! NEWS FLASH! Plant Studio is now free!

U V Mapper need an obj mapped? Try the Demo, and visit the forums!  Steve Cox is very helpful! The Pro Version is fantastic!!

Digital Babes I got my "Alice hair" here... an incredible freebie... this site is amazing!

Great Site of 3D Resources Links!! Try this one if you need a model of anything!

Smith-Micro's Poser   the new home of Poser!

xenologo.jpg (9743 bytes) - a 3D fractal maker that is beyond amazing!

Infinitee Designs Ralph not only has a GREAT illustrative flair in his 2d and 3d art (fantastic tee shirt art) his links page is really helpful for the 3d community!

Fignations of Imaginment Wonderful site of Bryce art, Fractals and TONS of resources too!

Canary's Nest a wonderful gallery and Poser freebie site!

Citizen Dave's web site an amazing place of Bryce art, and modeling..nice downloads too!

Baumgarten Enterprises Come see Ed's 3D modeling & Graphics! He shares his art talent and models!

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