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Dawn, as Elisa as the "Liger Centaur" (the second I saw those Fantasy Kitty Ponies, I had this
in mind, putting her on the space station was my muse's inspiration after I had rendered her.

Giving her two shadows seemed the right thing, being the space station is well lit, but the moon
shines behind her. Shadows were created simply by duplicating her, zeroing out all color, plus
turning "light - dark" all the way black.... then add blur, use "Edit: distort" to pull the shadows
in the directions I wanted them. (this is how I created my freebie cast shadow action).  I also "tinted"
her for the blue lighting/look of the background. To do this I selected her (and bird), created a new
layer, filled with the blue color, and lowered the opacity to about 13%... This helps set her IN the scene!

She wears Propschick's Rhayvaen Hair.  Her clothes are: The Seraph outfit by RPublishing  &  Rhiannon
(with the thong invisible, so only the belt remains!) and Kaleya's Guardian texture set for it. (Rendo) 
This outfit fits Dawn SO WELL, I often go back to it for my centaurs.... my idea to use the thong's
belt was another inspiration during the process.  :-)

She holds the spear from Ken1171's Jungle Weapons pack (with spear turned in such a way
as to make the spear head look like a dangerous point!) (HiveWire)

HiveWire horse body with Rae's Fantasy Kitty Pony "Liger" texture for it. (HiveWire)

Her companion is Songbird Remix Ken Gilliland's African Goshawk with jesses trailing
from HiveWire's Dusk Falconry Gear


Background is Sveva's Sci Fi "3067" set. (Rendo)

Poser Pro 2014 & Photoshop

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